Saturday, February 6, 2016

Barista International

we have to buy it. 2/6/2015. at what price? this is a slightly delicate operation. and i can't show you the details. a limit order at .019 should ensure a fill. .0175 should ensure a fill. .0165 ... a fill seems likely. it certainly could dip, too, so then we would buy more - and, watching pattern development, more still perhaps - a price of .012 seems achievable, and .01 is even a possibility.

i do like finding stocks by accident. the question of commodity prices has been coming up - oil being way down, for instance - and i was wondering about agricultural commodities, so i search for the price of OJ. that got me a page on, a chart on,, odly enough. since i was there i thought i would look at coffee, and typed that into the search bar, and got, not a coffee chart but a little list of stocks. BCCI was the first one.

i haven't looked at an OTC stock for a while, and not because i don't want to, either. nice to find one just browsing. great 10 year chart. what else can i find out. teeny, tiny company. does produce revenues, though. tiny losses, but they're losing about twice what they're taking in. does have a book value, but p/b is somewhat high (6). in sum, could be worse!

so, just based on the five year chart, where's it going? well, it is holding nicely at its 5 year low, now, though it's below earlier bottom and hasn't truly broken out yet. there's the top at .8 or something. it should poke up through that on the next move. is that a place to sell it? frankly, .6 is where to sell it, and it's conceivable we've seen the ultimate low, here, but it's also sort of likely we'll see prices near these lows in the next couple of years, and before it goes to .6. actually, prices should poke up  above .15, and then retrace, so we could hold on for that. and then again, we want to think before we sell. in 2011 it went all the way to .6 in one consolidated move. are we set up for something like that now? i can't say, but we want to think about each day's chart, particularly if it's rallying up into the 15 - 20 range: is this the top or not?

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