Sunday, October 30, 2016


Give me a bagel with cream cheese to go, please, toasted, sesame, no, poppy seed, and a large coffee to go with it.

This was at Guadalupe and McClintock, and from there I headed West on Guadalupe, the beeline to the mountain, and had my breakfast in the ramada.

Then it was off on errands.

At Finviz, you can run a scan and display it as charts, twenty to a page. It's the best way I know of to look at a lot of stocks fast. I mean, I don't know if it's a good way to pick stocks, but you can certainly look at a lot of them this way.

Twenty charts on a page, each for a different stock. Run your scan for stocks up 20% in a year and you can see a lot of interesting things that happened. Most of the stocks - this is a new research result - have gone up way more than 20%. Wow, that means if a stock is going up it's probably going up a lot. Can that be true? But it kind of sounds right. (Or it could be something to do with the scan, whose formula is at least ambiguous.) But it sounds right, or it sounds like what I want to hear.

Lots of stocks that have doubled in a year, to be sure, in my result today, in one page of my result. And some of them have done this extremely fast, and quite recently, and then you get to see the pattern that formed before it happened ... lazy horizontal triangles (but what did they look like at the time? Time changes these charts a lot) then, breakouts ... little ones, ... big ones.

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