Sunday, January 1, 2017


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$ANF After all these shares the Bears could only give the Bulls a Higher Hi and a Higher low in a down market Cover now shorts Up next week
— MasterTheDream (@MasterTheDream) Dec. 30 at 01:46 PM

$ANF lol, what a day. This will spring next week. Have a great New Year everyone!
— MasterTheDream (@MasterTheDream) Dec. 30 at 02:01 PM

$ANF 50,400 shares willing to buy if anyone wants to sell after hours at 11.99
— MasterTheDream (@MasterTheDream) Dec. 30 at 02:03 PM

$ANF So far no one is selling. Very bullish sign
— MasterTheDream (@MasterTheDream) Dec. 30 at 02:04 PM

$ANF 129700 shares bought at $12.00 in after hours. Another very bullish sign
— MasterTheDream (@MasterTheDream) Dec. 30 at 02:06 PM

Could jump up to 20. Why do I not feel this is a long term bottom?

not convinced this is a long term bottom ... yet
$ANF i sed it wd go dwn & it did. mbe posting here mks it slf flflng prphsy? (or jst lucky) $PSEC, wht abt a dip to 7?
— Tom Sunderland (@atnbg) Jan. 3 at 07:33 PM

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