Sunday, January 1, 2017

combine two lists

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Trying to think.

I want software that does a bunch of things with stock charts for me.

Releasing. Releasing some more.

Like what?!

OK, since I'm finding it very hard to answer that question, I'll just throw something out there.

I can get a list of 6000 stock symbols. Now I want software that shows me a page of charts for each symbol on that list. I can start at the beginning of the list and see the charts for the first symbol on the list, then click "next" and see the charts for the second symbol on the list.

This, so far, would be a useless program. And I'm spending all this time trying to describe the software, and not actually getting anything done.


OK, the logical next step is: once I'm looking at a page of charts, for a symbol, I can sort that symbol to one or another category. I can click a button on the page of charts for that symbol, and the symbol moves from the master list to another list. Well, maybe symbols don't get moved from the master list, they get copied from the master list.

Here's a list I would be interested in creating: stocks that are currently near the bottom of their ten year range.

I don't know of anyplace I can get such a list. I can get lists of stocks that are low in their one year range, but I can't scan the ten year range.

Also, I can build an application that does what I described. It would be funky, but I think it would do it. Can I get motivated to do that?

Is it really what I want to do?

All sorts of issues.

Move along. Move along. Not even paying attention to you.

I have, in a browser window, at this very moment, a list of stocks that are currently up 30% in a week. It's a very interesting list.

I can easily record that list. I mean, I'll just need to type out the symbols. It's a short list.

I should record that list.

But I also need to save the charts. That should be automatic, but, as it is, it requires a process.

It gets quite complicated, too.

Still, if I can save those charts, it's a start.

Get the charts for the symbol. Paste them into the record creator.

Well, let me do this: so far I have some charts for each stock on that list. Then I'll want to add a symbol to the list, and add some charts for it. And then I'm going to want to add charts, or a chart, to the charts for one of the symbols. One more thing: at some point I'm gonna want to move symbols off this list ... well ... maybe.

I mean, when I post a symbol, I'm saying "this was interesting at this time because it was doing such and such." I mean, this isn't exactly a watch list. It might serve as such, but what it is is a record of events. I mean, a symbol could do something, at some point, and that could be recorded, and then later it could do something else that also deserves to be recorded, and now the symbol would appear on the list twice. I mean, OK, fine. At the same time, it's difficult. I don't know what to do about it.

I don't think I'm gonna do it that way.

The real question is whether I'm gonna do it at all.

Everyday there's a new list of stocks that are up 30% in a week.

Probably most days there are some symbols on that list that were not on the list the previous day.

If one day we record all the symbols on our list, and if we save a copy of that list that's our master list, then the next day there may be symbols on the list that were not on the first day's list, and are thus not on the master list, and we could add those symbols to the master list.

So, once a day, at the end of the day, we would want to add to the master list symbols on the latest list - of stocks that are up 30% in a week - to the master list. And each time we add a stock to the master list we preserve a record for the moment when we added it.

I can sort of, kind of, see how that could be done.

Review the list one symbol at a time.

Add record charts as desired.

Check for new symbols.

Review the list of new symbols one at a time, adding the record charts.

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