Saturday, September 3, 2016


so I logged this, under extra good, and then, not thinking much about it, looked at a few of the Stock Twits stock tweets that Finviz includes on the page. usually everybody's whining and saying what a piece of crap this or that stock is, well, or asking an honest question, or musing about what to do, but sometimes, here and there, someone is posting substantive, positive things. i found this one guy, his posts were really great. lost track of him, but ... OK ... i'm looking at ATV, or logging it, that is, because it's dreamy for 20, an his tweet is there, with a whole list (and an interesting cryptic message). checked and logged them all, because they're all terrific.

su 9 - 3
OK, well, ATV is still really great, but in another post the guy was highlighting THLD, which I've most definitely been watching, all year, and which is positively taking off right now. here's the thing: i do want to keep buying, small positions, if i've got the cash. (just checked, and ATV is the bigger opportunity, but THLD is taking off. THLD tomorrow and then ATV the next day or the day after.

amazing example KONE

sell AZUR for $1.40
sell ESI for $1
sell SAEX if u c it near 50 wait for move
sa 9 3 2016

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