Monday, July 18, 2016

20160718m examples

picking a day trade in about 5 minutes:     f

ACOR. Looks expensive on the face of it, but the history suggests it's not, as much. Steady growth, and a decent ballance sheet. The ten year chart suggests it's at a good moment.

ACHC is a decent chart, a big company that does make money, it's growing, it's a little expensive, and it does have a lot of debt. Looks good to double, though, in a crash, it could be wiped out, so it's not to hold forever.

I like this, but it's too hard. ABTL on the chart pattern for 24 - + 60% - and the decent financials.

may may apr feb feb jan dec AAMC feb AAAP jul apr mar mar feb feb dec AA  may apr mar mar feb jan dec nov A

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