Wednesday, July 27, 2016

20160727w gbim setup

The scan was Year -50%, Month -30%. What if we wanted to look for something like the tiny green bar just before it jumped in June. That was Year -75% and, let's say, Month Up, or maybe Month +5%.
peaky and very symmetrical little wave with a higher bottom in place that's a heel and now a pretty short bar (which is green). true, looking at May and June, the real pop came out of a more extended up-trending base. at the same time, there was a gapping cliff, and then it bounced back up, and now there's been another gapping cliff. so, this might be an early signal. maybe it'll top out from here - if it now rallies - at 1.50, or even just 1.20. it should signal that top, though.

Based on this I'm saying we can buy at .77, or, at any rate, that it should dip tomorrow morning.

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