Friday, July 8, 2016


favorite strategy:
put $100 into each of as many stocks as possible
going for big returns

it's strange but i like Apollo.
      f      y
i mean, cool chart, but it's even got good fundamentals

      f      y
actually, the fundamentals are sort of OK ... at least, if they can keep this up. anyway, the chart says it's going to 9, with a pause at 4.

this is all keeping in mind that any of these could simply blow up and become worthless. that's why i'm saying only put a little money into them (which is kind of dumb, but i'gotta go with my paranoia on this.

      f      y
just rock solid seeming fundamentals. the only issue there is small size. smart thing to do might be to hold for 10, but, yeah, there's resistance at 6.

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