Tuesday, July 19, 2016


ZEUS (f) year ending 1/29/2016 rallying strongly after 1) all time low comprising 2) heel, followed by 3) toe, concluding in 4) one month 30% decline. Finally, 5) dip concluding small heel and toe and 6) green bar breakout. Proposed, then: study the down 25% in 1 month scan results, looking for opportunities. Also, large company, with earnings issues (mild, compared to revenues), but decent book, and a reliable but very small dividend.

XRA 201411224-2015samedate: full year wedge down with new low (by a hair):

Scan 1: new 52 week low. Scan 2: down 20% in one month. Looking for, then, particularly telling patterns over the final few days.

ATLS. I guess this is just headed for a dollar, short term. The concluding pattern, the last 3 bars, so distinct, it probably foretells a longer term rally, but I have my doubts that will unfold all at once. The fundamentals suck.

CJES. Actually, we need to wait for a green bar breaking out. The concluding (micro) pattern isn't enough, although ... it's close ... given the context. It says sales are 1.62B (and a 1.2B loss, go figure) and that the p/b is .18. I couldn't get a full report, though.

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