Monday, July 25, 2016

cccl example

China Ceramics Co., Ltd.
By the end of February CCCL was down 50% in one month, and as the year progressed it remained down 50% in a quarter, 50% in six months.
Oh, 1/8 split July 17. That can't be right. Must be June 17.

The split means price is now above the April top and seems to be heading for February's high opening price. I wish Finviz would adjust for splits!
So, a cliff, in February, cliff foot, a couple of cliff foot piles, and then a longish runout into a point, then a bit of a rally that would have made me think "it's taking off!"
Anyway, the whole thing eventually ended (for now) with a final cliff and then a compact rising wedge in the daily chart, and that ended in an inverse hammer breakout. Here's the Yahoo Finance chart.

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