Friday, August 5, 2016


I suggested buying some on the second day in August. I was having trouble thinking about a target. Would it stop at 25, or even at 19 (or at 11, even), or wold it go to 60, or to 75, or to 80, or to 100, or to 120? Any of these represented a possibility. There are even marked prices at higher levels, if we look at more history. In fact my theory is it's headed much higher, but also that it's likely to hesitate on its way up, and make tops, so that staying in would be frustrating. Is it even likely that 9 is the all time low going forward? Well, it's definitely possible ... but maybe calling it likely is a bit reckless. At any rate, now (Friday August 5) a top has been signaled. I want to sell at $60 Monday.    fSAEX made $110 per share in the first quarter of 2016. By that measure it's worth $1000 a share easily. And its books aren't that bad, really. The possibility of default has been mentioned, though. Tread carefully.   m Revising my sell price to $50.

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