Saturday, August 20, 2016

example CSC

starting with the price around 6 in January of 2012, sharply rallying, then gradually returning to 6 mid year, that made, for the year, a perfect buying pattern foretelling good things long term, which i say because i've seen these patterns foretell good things long term lots of times. that doesn't mean they always do or always will - the opposite is probably true - but here's an example of the positive possibility. it didn't hurt that there was a prominent bottom at 6 some years earlier. you could have found the opportunity, probably, by looking at stocks down 50% in a year. it might have shown up in that scan for a couple of months mid 2012. also of course there was a long wait while it went up nicely but gradually for several years, and now you would be sitting pretty. kind of looks like it might just be getting started, too.

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