Sunday, August 28, 2016



oh, wow, XCOM. let's c if it jumps down to .7 in the morning!

now I'm buying (even though I ought to wait)
I held off buying, and sure enough it went down.
if it rallies to .85 first thing we look for it to dip back to .8 and buy with a .85 limit. if it drops first thing, we look for a price of 25 cents later in the morning ... or just order it at that price

such a wildly expressive pattern means it could go up sharply tomorrow, but it's true it could also drop sharply. obviously i'm buying for the first reason, and then i'm only buying $100 or $150 worth for the second reason. such an expressive pattern also suggests a longer term bottom is forming, so, a) if i buy (a little of) it now and it goes down i won't worry much, and, b) if i buy it now and it goes down, i'll buy more for sure.

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