Thursday, August 11, 2016

dew drops revisited

A most unusual occurrence: there is only one A stock. Well, we must take a look, and not just because of what it is, but because of what it is, as well: I'm inventing a new name for a pattern: it's called a berry.
    f    m
Buying at a berry high with a stop below or even at the berry low and expecting an up day or week is the system we're testing. But berries have husks, too, and in this instance buying at the berry bottom with a stop at the husk low is a possibility.

Closing a notepad doc: C:\Users\Tom\Documents\a\trades\lists\charts\simplified\charting_utilities.

Too many to manually chart: 081116/BCRXccdl23020243,081116/CBRccdl23031837,081116/CHKRccdl23042167,081116/CRCccdl23056129,081116/DAKPccdl23061023,081116/DBccdl23076527,081116/DKccdl23083177,081116/EIGIccdl23083845,ENDPccdl23091879,081116/FATEccdl23138490,081116/FELPccdl23146588,081116/FESccdl23143667,081116/FNCXccdl23152015,081116/FUELccdl23152258,081116/GNCAccdl23160480,081116/GUSHccdl23172100*page*page 1

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