Thursday, August 4, 2016


(Doubled after a split.)
Let's say we had bought DELT in early or mid June at 50 cents - I'm looking for examples of what to buy for massive instant appreciation. And looking to sell at 2.25 would have made sense, given the December top, but it's improbable we could have pulled that off. Selling at 1.50 would have been doable, though. Buying again under $1 and then selling above 2 would also have been doable.

I highlighted ETSY on June 30 ... not a perfect technical call, but it was a good large scale pattern and I liked the fundamentals, even though they are just becoming profitable. (Growing strongly, on the positive side, and we do like them.)

The question now is, are we selling here? Not a chance. Sure, it looks like it will dip a little now, but also I think it will go to its historic high very soon. What about selling then? Well, it'll probably hesitate there. (Long term, I bet it keeps on going.)    f


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