Saturday, August 20, 2016


extremely classic dew drop. buy a bunch Monday morning at the market. what's a bunch she asks. 200.

gosh what a chart. i feel so lucky finding this.not what i would normally look at, but soo good. so, looking at it. and, as a company, it's, um, dynamic.fbut what's the prognosis??? so good!!!


   f headed for 5
with awesome intraday canyon bottom example

   f URRE for 6

what is particularly good, he asks out loud, prefacing the question with a "hmm"? then he sees this.
   f he has had his eye on AZUR for a while, the whole year. now it's AZUR for 4, buy 200 @ .77 market.

this should double in a few days. well, not double ... the sell price is 1.90.

it turns out there are a lot of stocks down 50% these 12 months, and practically all of them look like compelling buys. the question is not which one is good, but which one is extra extra good. well, looking just a little into what some of them were ... all vile drug companies! one after another after another. well, OK, for one thing, i'm not going to argue with the facts, and, for another, drugs have a certain appeal, even if they usually sound plain nonsensical ... it's akin to investing in gourmet restaurants ... but i still wish i could get away from all these chemical names and just the whole bullshit vibe.

yet, here's another one! but at least this is Aoxing. Let's see how big they are. 31 million $ in sales. at least this is Chinese. i might be proud to own a Chinese drug company.

anyway, look at this awesome chart. it's headed for 2, and then it'll pull back to 1, but you won't get this 65 cent price again ... and it's headed for 4. you can sell it at 3.50 like it's nothing.   f

if apollo drops below 8.50 towards the close buy it    f

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